Redikal!03 white 2003

Redikal!03 white is the continuation of the first Redikal!-Collection from 2001. The white color is the focus, highlights in red are set. Long asian likely fighter coats of cooling materials such as linen and cotton dominate the picture. These loose, comfortable pants are combined. The collection was presented at the Walk of fashion in July 2003 in Berlin and shown in August 2003, together with the collection Redikal! on the Walk of fashion in Winterthur/CH.

REDikal! white

[img src=]100Pilgrim
[img src=]30Monk
[img src=]20Senator
[img src=]10Swordsman
[img src=]10Son of desert
[img src=]10Earl
[img src=]10Sailor's trousers
[img src=]00Pilgrim
[img src=]00Monk
[img src=]00Senator
[img src=]00Swordsman
[img src=]00Son of desert
[img src=]00Earl
[img src=]00Sailor's trousers