Every now and then male friends ask for advise and help when it comes to clothes shopping. I am always happy to help because it allows me to observe men and men’s fashion and this does help with my own work: the salvation of men’s fashion.

The first impression counts and I like to be with men who are visually interesting. For me fashion is part of our daily communication and just like you use words to express something, you do exactly the same with what and how you wear fashion.

Having said that,I always wonder why men’s fashion is so uniformly dull and uninventive. Is this really how men want to be perceived? Do men and designers seriously think that this is masculine?

Of course, there are some exclusive stores that sell exceptional and wearable fashion, but only few can afford it. Flea markets can be an alternative, but one needs time and patience to find cool fashion items. And it’s a fact, that most men still think it’s kind of unmanly to invest time and effort in fashion

There is much truth in the saying “you are what you wear” and by dressing up you shape and emphasize your personality. And that can be fun! I would like to help men to feel comfortable when wearing cool and extraordinary clothes. It’s up to men to take the next step and I am optimistic.